How to Make A Photo A PDF on iPhone 14

If you want to share photos via email or make them compatible with all devices, then you may need them in PDF format. It is a significantly easier to share and display format and can help you save space as well. However, not many people are aware of the process of converting images to PDF on their iPhone 14. Therefore, this article will give you a detailed overview of how to make a photo a PDF on iPhone 14, including different methods you can use to achieve the desired results.

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The Challenge of Making a Photo A PDF on iPhone 14

Most users think that the only way to save a photo in PDF format is to use external tools or software. However, this is not true, and you can easily do this on your iPhone 14. All you need is an inbuilt feature or an app that you can use to convert your photos into PDFs. Additionally, you may find it challenging to maintain the quality and formatting of the image while converting it to a PDF. However, we have discussed some of the best ways to overcome these challenges in the upcoming sections.

Things You Should Prepare for?

Before diving into the methods, there are a few things you should prepare to make the process simple and straightforward. Below are some of the things that you should prioritize:

  • Make sure that your iPhone software is up to date as older versions may have bugs that could hinder the process.
  • Check whether you have enough storage space on your device, especially if you plan to convert multiple photos into PDFs.
  • Consider backing up your pictures to avoid loss of important photos in case the conversion process fails.

Methods to Make A Photo A PDF on iPhone 14

Now that you have an idea of the challenges and things you should prepare for, let’s dive into the methods you can use to convert your photos to PDFs on iPhone 14. Here are three methods you can choose:

Method 1: Use the ‘Markup’ Feature in the Photos App

Using the markup feature is one of the simplest methods of converting an image into a PDF. Below are the steps you need to follow:

1. Open the ‘Photos’ app on your iPhone 14.
2. Pick the image you want to convert to a PDF and tap on it.
3. Once the image is open, tap on the ‘Edit’ button on the top right corner.
4. You will see various tools, including the ‘Markup’ option – tap on it.
5. Tap on the ‘+’ icon at the bottom right corner and select the ‘Save PDF to Books’ option.
6. Wait until the PDF is generated, then find it in your ‘Books’ app and share it as desired.


It is in-built in the Photos App.

You can customize with different pre-made shapes.

No need for third-party apps.


The PDF quality or resolution may not be on par with that of the original photo.

Method 2: Use the ‘Files’ App to Convert Photos into PDFs

You can also use the inbuilt Files app to make a photo PDF file. Here are the steps involved:

1. Open the ‘Files’ app on your iPhone 14.
2. Navigate to the folder where the photo is stored.
3. Long press the image you wish to convert and click the ‘Share’ icon.
4. A share sheet appears. Choose the ‘Print’ option.
5. Zoom in on the preview image by spreading your fingers, and tap on it to reveal the ‘Share’ button at the bottom.
6. Click on it and choose the ‘Save to Files’ selection from the options.
7. Choose a file and directory to save the PDF file to and click ‘Done.’


Integrated in the Files app, so you don’t need to add extra third-party tools.

You have a plethora of locations to save the final document.


Involves more steps in comparison to other methods.

Method 3: Use Third-party Apps to Convert Photos into PDFs

If you want a more specialized and customizable app that can offer additional capacity, you may want to consider installing third-party apps. Some great options available include:

– ‘PDF Converter: Documents to PDF’ app
– ‘PDF Converter Master’ app
– ‘PDFelement’ app

Below are the simple steps to convert a photo to a PDF with the PDF converter: Documents to PDF.

1. Download the app from the app store.
2. Open the app, tap on the ‘Photo Library’ button.
3. Choose the photo you want to convert and crop it if necessary.
4. Tap on the ‘PDF to image’ button to initiate the conversion process.
5. Wait for the notification that shows the conversion is completed.


Specialized app offering additional tools.

Provides better image quality.


Third-party apps can sometimes cost money.

Why Can’t I Make A Photo A PDF on iPhone 14?

There are several possible reasons why your efforts to convert a photo to a PDF may fail. Below are some of the most common ones and their fixes:

1. The image is too large: In this case, try compressing the picture before you convert it to a PDF, or try resizing it to a smaller size.
2. The photo is in an unsupported format: Ensure that you save the photo in JPEG or PNG format before converting it to PDF.
3. The iPhone doesn’t have the latest software update: Update your iPhone to the latest version, then try again.
4. The Photos app is malfunctioning, restart the app and try again: If the Photos app is not responding, restart it and try the process again, or try a different method.

Additional Tips

– Always ensure that you check the quality of the PDF before sharing it.
– Avoid constantly resizing the picture to its maximum resolution to ensure that the final product is clear and easy to read.
– Use specialized third-party apps to enjoy more customizable tools.
– Always ensure that you have enough storage space on your device to save the PDF document.

5 FAQs

Q1: Can I convert multiple photos into a single PDF document using these methods?

A1: Currently, there is no direct or inbuilt way to convert multiple photos into a single PDF using these methods. However, you can save each photo as a separate PDF document, then merge them using a PDF merge tool.

Q2: Can I use these methods on an iPhone with older iOS versions?

A2: Yes, you can use these methods on an iPhone with old iOS versions, but some of the steps may vary depending on the iOS version.

Q3: Why is the PDF quality lower than the original photo?

A3: The lower quality may be due to the compression that occurs while saving the photo in PDF format. Try using a specialized app for better results.

Q4: Can I share the PDF document created using these methods on social media?

A4: Yes, you can share the PDF created using these methods on social media or via email.

Q5: Why do I get an error message while trying to convert a photo to PDF?

A5: The error may be due to the photo being too large, in the wrong format, or due to a malfunctioning app, among other reasons. Check the solutions in the ‘Why Can’t I’ section.

In Conclusion

Converting a photo to PDF on your iPhone 14 is very simple and straightforward, provided you use the correct method. You can use the inbuilt features of the Photos app or a third-party app depending on your preferences. Always ensure that you check the quality of the PDF before sharing it and have enough storage space on your device. If you keep these tips in mind and utilize any of the three methods presented, you’ll be converting photos into PDFs in no time!