How to Find Auto Renewal in iTunes

Have you ever subscribed to a service on iTunes and suddenly found yourself unknowingly paying for it long after you stopped using it? This is a common occurrence for many people. The culprit is often auto-renewal, a feature that automatically charges your credit card for a subscription unless you manually cancel it. In this blog post, we will discuss the challenge of finding and canceling auto-renewal subscriptions on iTunes and provide you with some useful methods to do so.

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The Challenge of Finding Auto-Renewal in iTunes

Auto-renewal can be a very helpful feature for people who want to continue using a service without needing to remember to manually renew it, but often, people forget they have auto-renewal set up or may not even know it’s enabled. This can lead to unwanted charges and wasted money. The challenge with finding auto-renewal subscriptions in iTunes is that there is no central location to view all of your subscriptions. Instead, you need to find them individually in each app’s settings.

Additionally, even if you know where to look, it can be tricky to navigate the settings and find the option to cancel auto-renewal. It requires some patience and persistence to locate and cancel subscriptions manually. So, let’s explore some of the methods you can use to find and cancel auto-renewal subscriptions.

Things You Should Prepare for

Before we dive into the methods, there are a few things you should prepare for to make the process easier.

1. Have your iTunes login information ready.
2. Make a list of all the apps you have subscriptions for.
3. Set aside some time to go through each individual app’s settings.

Method 1: Find and Cancel Auto-Renewal on your iPhone or iPad

Using your iPhone or iPad’s Settings

1. Open the Settings app on your device.
2. Tap on your name at the top of the screen.
3. Tap on the "iTunes & App Store" option.
4. Tap on your Apple ID at the top of the screen.
5. A pop-up menu will appear, select "View Apple ID".
6. Enter your password when prompted.
7. Scroll down to the "Subscriptions" section.
8. Tap on the subscription you want to manage and select "Cancel Subscription".


– Easy to access through your device’s settings.
– Can manage multiple subscriptions in one place.
– Canceling subscription is straightforward and takes only a few taps.


– Subscriptions may not be listed under this section, so you may need to search in the app’s settings as well.
– You may not be able to cancel subscription if it has already been charged or is in use.

Method 2: Find and Cancel Auto-Renewal on your Mac or PC

Using iTunes App on a Computer

1. Open iTunes on your computer.
2. Click on the "Account" option in the menu bar.
3. Select "View My Account".
4. Enter your Apple ID and password.
5. On the Account Information page, scroll down to the "Settings" section.
6. Select "Manage" next to Subscriptions.
7. Choose the subscription you want to cancel and click "Edit".
8. Select "Cancel Subscription" and confirm.


– Accessible through a computer.
– Can manage multiple subscriptions in one place.
– Easy to navigate and cancel subscriptions.


– Need to have iTunes installed on your computer.
– Not as user-friendly as Method 1.

Method 3: Find and Cancel Auto-Renewal on an App

Using the Specific App

1. Open the app that you have a subscription for.
2. Navigate to the app’s settings or options menu.
3. Look for a "Subscriptions" or "Manage Subscriptions" option.
4. Select the subscription you want to cancel.
5. Tap on "Cancel Subscription".


– Accessible through the app you want to cancel the subscription for.
– Can view other subscription details, including billing history.
– Can cancel subscription even if it’s not listed in the methods above.


– Need to navigate through the app’s settings to find subscription option.
– Can be difficult to locate subscription option in some apps.

Why Can’t I Find my Auto-Renewal Subscription?

There can be a few reasons why you are having trouble finding your auto-renewal subscription.

1. You are not logged in to the correct Apple ID. Make sure you are logged in to the Apple ID that is associated with the subscription.
2. The subscription has already been canceled, or it has expired.
3. The subscription is not tied to your Apple ID. Some subscriptions may require you to create a separate account outside of Apple.


1. Log out and log back into the correct Apple ID.
2. Check your billing history to see if the subscription has already been canceled. If it has expired, you can renew it.
3. Try logging into the service outside of Apple and cancel the subscription from there.

Additional Tips

– Watch out for "Free Trials". They often turn into automatically renewing subscriptions. Make sure to cancel before the trial period ends if you don’t want to keep using the service.
– Check your billing history regularly to make sure you are not being charged for anything you no longer use.
– Some subscriptions may not show up that easily and may require you to reach out to Apple customer support for assistance.

5 FAQs about Finding Auto-Renewal in iTunes

Q1: Can I still use the app if I cancel my subscription?

A: This depends on the app. Some apps will allow you to continue using the service until the end of the billing cycle, even after you cancel. Others will immediately revoke access to the service.

Q2: Will I get a refund if I cancel my subscription early?

A: It depends on the app, but most will not offer a refund if you cancel before the end of the billing cycle. To avoid this, make sure to cancel the subscription close to the end of the cycle or after it has ended.

Q3: How do I prevent myself from accidentally subscribing to an app?

A: Turn off "Automatic Downloads" and "In-App Purchases" in your device’s settings.

Q4: Can I still access my content after I uninstall an app?

A: This depends on the app. Some will offer you the option to re-download your content if you reinstall the app.

Q5: What should I do if I am still being charged for a subscription that I have already canceled?

A: Contact Apple customer support to troubleshoot the issue. They may be able to issue a refund or fix the problem in other ways.

In Conclusion

Auto-renewal subscriptions can be a real money drain if you don’t keep track of them. Fortunately, there are several methods to find and cancel auto-renewal subscriptions on iTunes. By using the tips and methods in this blog post, you can avoid unwanted charges and keep your subscription list under control. Remember to regularly review your subscription list to avoid any unnecessary charges!