How to Do A Moving Background on iPhone

Moving backgrounds on iPhone are really cool and attractive. You might have seen someone’s iPhone with a moving background and wondered how to do it on your own iPhone. If you want to give an immersive experience to your iPhone, then the moving background is the best way to do it. You might think that it’s hard to set up and only possible on jailbroken iPhones. But that’s not the case! In this blog post, we’ll guide you through different methods to set up a moving or live background on your iPhone without any jailbreaking.

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Why You Need to Do a Moving Background on iPhone

The moving background is trending nowadays, and it looks cool when someone shows their iPhone with it. It adds a unique style to the boring static iPhone wallpaper. It’s a surefire way to make your iPhone more attractive and gives it a fresh and lively feel.

Method 1: Via Live Wallpapers

Live wallpapers feature moving images, which are specially designed for iPhone’s lock screen and home screen backgrounds. They are usually pre-installed on iPhone models, and many third-party apps offer live wallpapers that can be downloaded from the App Store. Here is the method to set up a live wallpaper:

Step 1: Go to your iPhone’s home screen and launch the ‘Settings’ application.
Step 2: In the settings menu, tap on the ‘Wallpaper’ option.
Step 3: Tap on ‘Choose New Wallpaper.’
Step 4: Then, tap on ‘Live Photos’ and browse for the live photo you want to use as a moving background.
Step 5: Use the finger to drag the image and tap on ‘Set.’
Step 6: You can choose whether you want to set moving backgrounds as your ‘Lock Screen,’ ‘Home Screen,’ or both.

– Live wallpapers generally have a more realistic effect due to their movement and sound.
– The live photos pre-installed on iPhone models are very high quality.
– It enables you to customize your wallpaper with images unique to your personality and preferences.

– Live wallpapers drain the battery more quickly than static wallpapers.
– Most third-party live wallpaper apps can cause problems such as glitches, excessive battery drainage, and slow operation.

Method 2: Via GIFWallpaper+

GIFWallpaper+ is a third-party iOS app that enables users to set GIFs as their iPhone wallpaper. The App Store has a plethora of GIFs to choose from, or you can use your personalized GIFs. GIFs are not live wallpapers per se, but they can be used to create a moving background on the iPhone. Here’s how to use GIFWallpaper+:

Step 1: Install the GIFWallpaper+ app from the App Store.
Step 2: Launch the app and select ‘Albums.’
Step 3: Choose the GIF you want to use and tap ‘Select.’
Step 4: Edit the GIF as per your liking, then tap on ‘Set wallpaper.’
Step 5: Choose ‘Set Both’ to set the GIF wallpaper as your lock screen and home screen background.

– GIF wallpaper creates an animated effect that gives your iPhone wallpaper a unique touch.
– You can use any GIF available in the app store or use your personalized GIFs.

– GIF wallpapers use the same amount of battery life as live wallpapers, meaning that they can quickly drain your iPhone’s battery.
– The GIFWallpaper+ app requires a subscription to access all of its content.

Method 3: Via Lively

Lively is another app that allows iPhone users to convert Live photos to video files, which they can then use as moving backgrounds. You can install this app from the App Store and create customizable live wallpapers using your camera roll or GIFs. Here is how to use the Lively app:

Step 1: Download the Lively app from the App Store and launch it.
Step 2: Click on the ‘Get Started’ button.
Step 3: Choose the Live Photo you prefer that you have saved on your iPhone and then click on the photo.
Step 4: Edit the video by adjusting the speed and crop, using the slider below.
Step 5: Click on the ‘Save Live Photo’ and then choose to ‘Use as Wallpaper.’
Step 6: You can choose where you want to apply your new moving background- on the lock screen, home screen, or both.

– The Lively app is user-friendly and offers unique options to customize your moving background.
– You can convert your personalized GIFs into a video file and use them as a wallpaper.

– To access all the app’s features, you’ll need to purchase a subscription.

What to Do If You Can’t Do A Moving Background on iPhone

If you can’t set up a moving background on your iPhone, try the following fixes:

– Check if your iPhone model is compatible with live wallpapers.
– Ensure you are using a high-quality video, Live Photo, or GIF file.
– Make sure you have enabled the ‘Reduce Motion’ option in the iPhone settings menu.
– Reset your iPhone settings to the default and try again.

Bonus Tip

If you want to use your video as a background, choose your video first and turn it into a Live Photo, and only then set it as your iPhone wallpaper to make it compatible with the iPhone.

5 FAQs About Moving Background on iPhone

Q1: Can all iPhone models support live wallpapers?

A: No, not all iPhone models support live wallpapers. Only iPhone 6s and later models enable live wallpapers.

Q2: Are moving backgrounds or live wallpapers harmful to iPhone devices?

A: No, live wallpapers, GIF wallpapers, or moving backgrounds are not harmful to iPhone devices. They do, however, use more battery than static wallpapers because of their movement.

Q3: Can live wallpapers be set up via third-party applications?

A: Yes, many third-party applications from the App Store offer live wallpaper features for iPhone devices.

Q4: Does the Lively app affect iPhone battery life?

A: Yes, the Lively app will use more battery life as compared to the static wallpaper, as it includes images that are continually moving.

Q5: Should I Use a Moving Background or a Static Wallpaper?

A: It’s strictly up to your preferences. If you want to give your iPhone’s wallpaper a magical touch, then the live or moving background is the best option. If you prefer simplicity and less battery usage, then the static wallpaper is the right choice.

Final Thoughts

Moving backgrounds on iPhone are an incredible way to make your iPhone’s look cooler and immersive. In this blog post, we’ve discussed the three different methods to set up a moving background on your iPhone. Users can use live wallpapers, GIF wallpapers, or third-party applications to create a moving background on their iPhone’s home screen and lock screen. The moving backgrounds don’t harm the iPhone, but they do consume more battery power. We’ve also listed some fixes and FAQs to assist you with setting up your moving background. So, go ahead and try these methods to give your iPhone’s wallpaper a unique touch!