How to Delete The Wallet App on iPhone

The Wallet app has been a much-needed feature on iPhones with its ability to store credit and debit cards, coupons, boarding passes, and other forms of digital payments in one place, making our lives more convenient and clutter-free. However, problems arising with the app, space limitations, and personal preferences may have led many iPhone users to wonder why they can’t delete the Wallet app on their devices. If you’re one of them and want to get rid of the Wallet app, this post will guide you through different methods that you can use to delete the Wallet app on iPhone, along with additional tips, and an FAQ section.

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The Challenge of How to Delete The Wallet App on iPhone

Many iPhone users have reported difficulty in deleting certain default applications on their devices, including the Wallet app. The Wallet app is part of the default apps collection that Apple installs on your iPhone, making it an integral part of the iOS operating system. Thus, it’s considered an app that cannot be removed entirely from the system. However, you might be able to hide the app from sight, depending on the iOS version you are running.

Things You Should Prepare for

Before proceeding with any of the following methods, make sure to back up your iPhone to avoid any data loss. Deleting a default app doesn’t lead to data loss, but it is recommended to be safe than sorry. Also, ensure that you have the latest version of the iOS operating system on your iPhone to implement these methods successfully.

Method 1: Via Settings

Deleting apps via Settings is possible in iOS 14 or later versions. Here’s how:

1. Open "Settings"
2. Scroll down and tap on "Screen Time"
3. Tap "See All Activity" under the "Screen Time" dashboard.
4. Tap on "Data and Storage."
5. Tap on "Delete App."

Pros: This method is simple and works for iOS 14 or later versions.

Cons: The Wallet app can only be hidden, not completely uninstalled.

Method 2: Via iTunes

You can also use iTunes to delete the Wallet app from your device. Follow these steps:

1. Connect your iPhone to your computer
2. Launch iTunes
3. Click on the iPhone icon
4. Click on "Apps"
5. Scroll down and find the "Wallet" app
6. Click on the "Remove" button.

Pros: This method is helpful for users who use a computer daily, as they can delete the app in just a few clicks.

Cons: iTunes method has been deprecated in macOS Catalina, and macOS Big Sur does not support it at all.

Method 3: Via App Library

App Library is a new feature introduced in iOS 14 that allows you to organize and remove applications quickly. Here’s how to remove Wallet app via App Library:

1. On the home screen, swipe until you reach the App Library.
2. Once you’re in the App Library, swipe down to reveal the search bar.
3. Type in "Wallet" or find the app in the library.
4. Tap and hold the "Wallet" app icon.
5. Tap "Remove App."
6. Select "Delete App" to uninstall.

Pros: This new feature is available in the latest iOS version and offers a handy way to quickly organize and delete apps.

Cons: You might accidentally delete the app, as there is no confirmation option after tapping the " Remove App" button.

Why Can’t I Delete the Wallet App on iPhone?

Deleting default applications on your iPhone can be essential to free up your device’s storage space, but some apps cannot be entirely removed from the system. The Wallet app, for instance, is integrated into the iOS operating system, making it an indispensable app on your device. However, you can hide the app, as listed above, to remove it from sight. Here are some possible reasons why you can’t delete the Wallet app on an iPhone:

1. You might not be running the latest iOS version.
Solution: Update your iPhone to the latest iOS version.

2. The app is a default app, and you can’t delete it entirely from the system.
Solution: Hide the app from sight or use the App Library to remove it.

3. The Wallet app is linked to important settings that the iPhone depends on.
Solution: No fix available.

Additional Tips

Here are some additional tips that you can use while trying to delete the Wallet app on your iPhone:

1. Clear your Wallet app card data.
2. Restart your iPhone before trying to delete the app.
3. Try to restart your iPhone in safe mode.

5 FAQs About How to Delete The Wallet App on iPhone

Q1: Can I delete the Wallet app on all iPhone models?

A: No, it’s not possible to delete the Wallet app entirely for all iOS devices. However, you can attempt to hide it from sight using the methods mentioned in this post.

Q2: Will deleting the Wallet app delete my card data?

A: No, deleting the Wallet app won’t delete your card data. However, your card details will only show if you download the app again.

Q3: Can I reinstall the Wallet app after deleting it?

A: Yes, you can download the Wallet app again from the App Store after deleting it.

Q4: Can I remove the Wallet app from my iPhone home screen?

A: Yes, you can hide the Wallet app on your home screen.

Q5: Can I delete default apps other than the Wallet app?

A: Yes, you can remove other default apps like Notes, Stocks, Podcast, etc. from your iPhone.

In Conclusion

Deleting the Wallet app on your iPhone can be tricky, but it’s not impossible. This post has covered different methods that you can use to get rid of the Wallet app from your iPhone. While some methods hide the app, some others delete it from sight, depending on the iOS version that you are using. Don’t forget to back up your iPhone before proceeding so that you don’t lose any critical data. The article also has additional tips that you can use while trying to delete the Wallet app and an FAQ section that will clarify your doubts on the subject.