How to Delete Duplicate Photos on iPhone iOS 13

As technology advances and the camera quality on our smartphones continue to improve, we tend to take more photos than ever. With iCloud, it’s getting more convenient than ever to store those precious memories. But sometimes, duplicates and similar photos can cause a clutter in our photo albums. They not only take up a lot of storage space, but also makes it difficult for us to find the photos that we actually want to look at. In this blog post, we will be discussing how to delete duplicate photos on iPhone iOS 13. This will help you in freeing up some valuable storage space on your device and streamline your photo library.

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The Challenge of Deleting Duplicate Photos on iPhone iOS 13:

One of the biggest challenges with deleting duplicate photos is to identify them. It’s easy to take multiple shots of the same thing, especially if you’re trying to capture that perfect moment. However, similar photos are not that easy to find. And even if you do, it can be time-consuming to delete them. Manually trying to find and delete duplicates can be not only time-consuming but also challenging.

Things You Should Prepare for:

Before we start discussing the methods to delete duplicate photos, there are a few things you should consider:

1. Make sure you have enough storage on your device. Since deleting photos and videos will free up space, you should check your device’s storage space before proceeding.

2. Always make sure to back up your photos before deleting any of them. You can back them up on iCloud, iTunes, or even your computer. This will ensure that you won’t lose any precious photos accidentally.

3. When deleting a bunch of photos, it’s easy to accidentally delete the wrong ones. Always double-check which photos you’re deleting, especially if they’re similar.

Method 1: Using iCloud Photo Library

The first method we’re going to discuss is using the iCloud Photo Library. The library can automatically upload and store your photos while making them available on all your devices. This method of deleting duplicates is recommended if you want to remove them from all your devices at once.

1. Go to your iPhone’s “Settings” and tap on “Photos”.
2. Toggle on “iCloud Photos” if it isn’t already on.
3. Choose “Download and Keep Originals” to make sure all your photos are backed up.
4. Wait for all your photos to get uploaded to iCloud.
5. Once uploaded, go to on your computer and log in with your Apple ID.
6. Click on “Photos” and select the photos you want to delete.
7. Once you’ve selected photos for deletion, click on the trash can icon.
8. In the confirmation dialog box, click on “Delete”.


– Apple’s iCloud service is a secure and reliable cloud-based platform to backup and store your photos.
– You can delete duplicate photos from all your devices simultaneously.
– You can access your photos from any device with an internet connection.


– If you are on a limited Wi-Fi or cellular data plan, uploading and syncing all of your photos to iCloud might consume a lot of data.
– It can be a time-consuming process to upload all your photos to iCloud.
– You cannot recover deleted photos easily from iCloud.

Method 2: Using Third-Party Apps

If you don’t want to go through the hassle of manually combing through your photo library or don’t have access to a computer, you can use third-party apps to delete duplicates. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to use the Duplicate Photos Fixer app:

1. Download and install the Duplicate Photos Fixer app from the App Store.
2. Open the app and tap on “Scan for Duplicates”.
3. Wait for the app to scan and identify the duplicate photos.
4. Once the scan is complete, tap on “Review Duplicates”
5. Select the photos you want to delete and tap on “Delete Selected”.


– Duplicate Photos Fixer and other apps like it provide a user-friendly interface and easy-to-use options.
– It can quickly scan and identify duplicate photos.
– Majority of these apps are free.


– Third-party apps could compromise the privacy and security of your photos, always select an app that is safe and trustworthy.
– Scanning and identifying duplicates could potentially result in malfunction of the app which could, in turn, lead to data loss.
– These apps may not be as reliable as manually checking for duplicate photos.

Method 3: Manually Delete Photos

If you want to delete duplicate photos the old-fashioned way and you don’t have too many of them, you can do it manually. Even though this method can be time-consuming, it is the safest way to make sure you keep the copy of the photos that you want.

1. Open the Photos app on your iPhone.
2. Scroll down and choose the “Photos” tab. This will display all the photos on your device chronologically.
3. Look for similar photos or those that look like near-duplicates.
4. Tap on the photo to open it and click on the “Select” icon at the bottom of the screen.
5. Tap on each photo you want to delete and tap on the trash bin icon at the bottom to get rid of them.


– You can manually select the photos that you want to keep, eliminating the risk of losing any important photos.
– No need to worry about connectivity or data charges.


– This process is very time-consuming.
– You may miss some duplicate photos that might take up space on your device.

Why Can’t I Delete Duplicate Photos on iPhone iOS 13?

Here’s why you might not be able to delete duplicate photos from your iPhone:

1. iCloud Photos is turned off or not activated on all your devices.
– Fix: Turn on iCloud Photos on all your Apple devices. This will help to sync all your photos across all devices making it easier to identify and delete duplicates.

2. Photos won’t sync over iCloud.
– Fix: Check if you’re signed in to iCloud on your devices. If you are using a cellular network to sync, check that you have enough data. Run a manual back up of your iCloud photos.

3. Incorrect iCloud settings.
– Fix: Go to "Settings" > "Photos" on your device. Or use to delete duplicate photos. Check your settings to avoid further errors.

Additional Tips:

– Always make sure to back up your photos before deleting any of them.
– You can also use Intelligent Scan feature as an in-built feature to detect duplicates on your iPhone.
– Deleting large numbers of photos can take some time, so make sure your device is charged.

5 FAQs about How to Delete Duplicate Photos on iPhone iOS 13

Q1: Will deleting duplicate photos on iCloud also delete the photos stored on my device?

A1: Yes, it will delete the duplicate copies of photos stored on your device.

Q2: Are third-party apps safe to use while deleting duplicate photos?

A2: Not all third-party apps are safe to use, make sure to properly research the apps you want to use before installing them.

Q3: Will deleting duplicate photos affect the quality of my photos?

A3: No, deleting duplicate photos will not affect the quality of your photos.

Q4: Will deleting duplicate photos automatically clear up space on my device?

A4: Yes, deleting duplicate photos will clear up storage space on your iPhone.

Q5: Can I recover deleted photos after I delete them?

A5: Yes, you can recover deleted photos from the “Recently Deleted” folder within 30 days.

In Conclusion

Deleting duplicate photos on your iPhone can be time-consuming but freeing up storage space is essential for optimizing your device’s performance. There are different methods of doing this, finding the one that you’re most comfortable with is necessary. We hope that with this guide, we’ve helped you to understand how to delete duplicate photos on iPhone iOS 13. Remember to always make a backup before deleting any photos, so you don’t lose your precious memories.