How to Close Running Apps on iPhone 14

The latest iPhone 14 is an exceptional device that offers numerous features and functionalities, making it one of the most sought-after smartphones in the market. However, with scores of robust features, it can be challenging to use the device effectively. One of the daunting tasks for many iPhone 14 users is closing running apps. Running apps not only drain battery quickly but also make the phone sluggish. However, closing running apps on iPhone 14 isn’t as evident as on Android devices. This blog aims to guide iPhone 14 users on how to close running apps effortlessly.

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The Challenge of How to Close Running Apps on iPhone 14

The challenge of closing running apps on iPhone 14 lies in the way the device handles running apps. Unlike Android devices, Apple’s iOS operating system doesn’t have a ‘close all’ option. Thus, closing all running applications at once can be an arduous task. Moreover, many iPhone users assume that closing an app by swiping it away from the app switcher automatically terminates the app, but that’s not always the case. It’s essential to know how to close running apps consistently to ensure maximum phone speed and battery life.

Things You Should Prepare for

Before we delve into the multiple ways of closing running apps, there are some essential things that iPhone 14 users need to know. First, the latest iPhone 14 model features Face ID, which isn’t available in earlier iPhone models. Secondly, the iPhone 14 model doesn’t feature a physical home button, which was present in past iPhone models. Thirdly, iPhone 14 users need to understand that closing all apps manually isn’t necessary. It’s only essential to close apps that misbehave, slow down the phone, or drain your battery quickly.

Method 1: Using the App Switcher

The easiest way to close running apps on iPhone 14 is through the app switcher. The app switcher displays the apps that are currently running on the phone and allows users to switch between them effortlessly. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to close running apps using the app switcher:

1. Swipe the screen up from the bottom of the display to the center of the screen, and pause for a second or two.
2. The app switcher screen will appear with all the currently opened apps displayed in the background.
3. Swipe the screen up for a moment on the app preview you want to close. You can close multiple apps at once by using multiple fingers.
4. The app will be closed, and you can continue to close the rest of the apps in the same way.

Pros: This method is straightforward and takes only a few seconds to close running apps.
Cons: It can be challenging to select the app you want to close as the app switcher might not display the app’s name.

Method 2: Using the Settings App

The Settings app also offers a quick way to close running apps on iPhone 14. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do it:

1. Launch the ‘Settings’ app on your iPhone 14.
2. Scroll down to find the ‘General’ tab and click on it.
3. Tap on the ‘Background App Refresh’ option.
4. Toggle the switch off next to the app that you want to close.

Pros: The Settings app provides a detailed insight into the running apps on iPhone 14.
Cons: iPhone users need to go through multiple sub-menus to close running apps.

Method 3: Using Siri

Siri, the AI voice assistant on iPhone 14, can also help close running apps in a matter of seconds. Here’s how to do it:

1. Long-press the power button on the right side of the iPhone 14 to activate Siri.
2. Say ‘Close all apps’ to Siri.
3. Siri will confirm the action and close all running apps.

Pros: It’s effortless to use Siri to close running apps on iPhone 14.
Cons: Siri is not always accurate and might misunderstand some commands.

Why Can’t I Close Running Apps on My iPhone 14?

Many iPhone 14 users face the challenge of closing running apps on their phone. Here are some reasons why users might encounter difficulty running apps and how to fix them:

1. Frozen apps: If an app misbehaves or freezes, it might cause difficulty in closing other apps. In such cases, opening the misbehaving app and closing it will enable the user to close the other apps.
2. Faulty Home Gesture settings: If the Home Gesture setting is faulty, it may cause difficulty in closing other running apps. To fix this, go to the Settings app, click on ‘General,’ and select ‘Home Gesture and Dock.’ Toggle the switch to enable the setting.
3. Low RAM: If your phone has low storage space, it might affect the phone’s performance, and as a result, you may not be able to close the running apps. In such cases, freeing up space by deleting unused apps or moving files to external storage devices might help fix the issue.

Additional Tips

Here are some additional tips to ensure that your iPhone 14 runs smoothly:

1. Update your Phone: Always ensure that your iPhone 14 has the latest update. Apple often releases updates that fix bugs and improve performance.
2. Restart your Phone: Restarting your phone often helps clear RAM, fixing issues that cause apps to misbehave.
3. Avoid Background Apps: Avoid apps running in the background, as they tend to use up battery life and slow down the phone.

5 FAQs about Closing Running Apps on iPhone 14

Q1: How do I know which apps to close?

A: It’s necessary to identify which apps are slow or misbehaving. Use the app switcher to determine which apps are consuming most of your phone’s resources, and close them.

Q2: Why do we need to close running apps?

A: Running apps on your iPhone 14 use the phone’s resources, cause it to slow down, and drain the phone’s battery quickly. Closing the running apps enables the phone to operate at optimal performance.

Q3: Should I be closing all apps regularly?

A: It is not necessary to close all running apps regularly. When your phone becomes sluggish, frequently misbehaves or drains the battery quickly, it’s essential to close the running apps.

Q4: Is it possible to close all running apps at once?

A: It is not possible to close all running apps at once on iPhone 14. It’s necessary to close apps one after the other using the app switcher, Settings app, or Siri.

Q5: Why is Siri not closing all running apps when I say ‘Close all apps’?

A: Siri might not understand the command ‘Close all apps,’ try saying ‘Close open apps.’

In Conclusion

Closing running apps is essential to ensure optimal performance and battery life on iPhone 14. The numerous methods to close running apps on iPhone 14 discussed in this blog offer a quick and effective way to close the running apps. We hope that this guide helps iPhone 14 users to use their devices more efficiently.