How to Check If You Have Warranty on iPhone

Every iPhone comes with a warranty, which is a safety net that ensures your device will be fixed or replaced if any issues arise. However, many iPhone users don’t know how to check whether their device is still under warranty or not. In this article, we’ll explore the different ways to check if you have a warranty on your iPhone.

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Key Points

Before we dive into the methods to check iPhone warranty status, here are some key points to keep in mind:

1. Apple offers a standard one year warranty for all new iPhones.

2. If you purchase AppleCare+, you can extend your warranty to two or three years, depending on the plan you choose.

3. AppleCare+ also covers accidental damage, but you’ll have to pay a deductible fee for repairs.

Methods to Check iPhone Warranty Status

There are several methods to check if you have a warranty on your iPhone. Let’s explore three of the most common methods:

Method 1: Check Warranty Status Online

1. Visit the Apple Support website.

2. Click the "iPhone" button.

3. Select "Check Coverage".

4. Enter your device’s serial number or IMEI number.

5. Click "Continue".

6. You’ll see a page with the details of your device, including the warranty status.

– Quick and easy way to check warranty status.
– Can be done from any device with internet access.

– Requires your device’s serial number or IMEI number, which may not be easily accessible.

Method 2: Check Warranty Status on iPhone

1. Open the "Settings" app on your iPhone.

2. Tap "General".

3. Tap "About".

4. Scroll down to the "Legal & Regulatory" section.

5. Tap "Limited Warranty".

6. You’ll see the details of your device’s warranty status.

– Can be done directly on your device.
– Does not require any additional information.

– Requires navigating multiple settings pages.
– May not be the most user-friendly method for some users.

Method 3: Check Warranty Status via Apple Support App

1. Download and open the Apple Support app.

2. Tap the "Devices" tab.

3. Select the device you want to check warranty status for.

4. You’ll see a page with the details of your device, including the warranty status.

– Can be done directly on your device.
– Provides additional support options in case of issues.

– Requires downloading an additional app.
– May not be as straightforward as other methods.

Why Can’t I Check My iPhone Warranty?

If you’re having trouble checking the warranty status of your iPhone, here are some possible reasons why:

1. Your device is too old and is no longer covered by warranty.

2. Your device has been modified or repaired by a third-party, which voids the warranty.

3. You’re entering the wrong serial number or IMEI number.


1. If your device is too old, you may want to consider purchasing a new iPhone or look into third-party repairs.

2. Avoid modifying or repairing your device through third-party providers if you want to keep your warranty intact.

3. Double-check the serial number or IMEI number you’re entering to ensure it’s accurate.

Additional Tips

– Make sure to keep your iPhone in good condition to prevent damage that may not be covered by warranty.

– Consider purchasing AppleCare+ if you want extended coverage and additional support for your device.

5 FAQs

Q: How long is the standard iPhone warranty?

A: The standard iPhone warranty lasts for one year from the date of purchase.

Q: Can I purchase AppleCare+ after my standard warranty expires?

A: Yes, you can purchase AppleCare+ within 60 days of your iPhone purchase.

Q: What does AppleCare+ cover?

A: AppleCare+ covers repairs for accidental damage, as well as technical support.

Q: What happens if I already have accidental damage when I purchase AppleCare+?

A: You’ll have to pay a deductible fee for repairs, but your device will still be covered under AppleCare+.

Q: Can I transfer AppleCare+ to a new owner if I sell my iPhone?

A: Yes, you can transfer AppleCare+ to a new owner, but you’ll need to contact Apple to do so.

Final Words

Knowing whether your iPhone is covered under warranty can save you time and money if any issues arise. By following the methods and tips we’ve covered in this article, you’ll be able to check your iPhone warranty status with ease. Remember to keep your device in good condition and consider purchasing AppleCare+ for extended coverage.