How to Change Google Assistant Voice on iPhone

Google Assistant has become an integral part of our lives today. The voice assistant can be used to control your smart homes, play your favorite songs, set reminders and much more. However, who wouldn’t like to have some changes when it comes to the voice of their assistant? This tutorial will guide you through the process of changing the Google Assistant voice on your iPhone, from selecting the language to choosing the voice. You’ll also learn some handy tips for fixing common issues along the way.

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Why You Need to Change Google Assistant Voice on iPhone

Everybody has their preferences, and the same applies to the voice assistant. It is crucial to ensure that you are comfortable using your voice assistant. Changing the voice to something that you can easily hear and understand can help increase productivity and make using your iPhone more enjoyable. Additionally, changing the Assistant’s voice can be a refreshing change from hearing the same voice since the beginning.

Method 1: Change Google Assistant Voice Using Outloud App

If you want to change the Google Assistant voice, you can use the Outloud app. This app not only allows you to change the voice of the Assistant but also enables you to adjust the pitch and rate of the selected voice.

1. Download and install the Outloud app on your iPhone.
2. Launch the app and give it all the permissions it asks for.
3. Tap on the Assistant tab from the home screen
4. Tap the Voice option to select a new voice
5. Choose a language for the voice and select a voice or accent from the options available.
6. You can adjust the pitch and speed of the voice from the same menu.
7. Save the changes made

– You have a wide range of voice options to choose from.
– You can adjust the voice’s pitch and speed to your liking.
– The Outloud app is user-friendly and easy to use.

– You need to download a third-party app, which can take up space on your iPhone.

Method 2: Change Google Assistant Voice via iOS Settings

Several iOS settings allow you to change the Google Assistant voice. Follow the steps below to change the voice via settings.

1. Go to iOS settings on your iPhone.
2. Scroll down to accessibility and select it from the list of options.
3. Tap the Spoken Content option.
4. Tap Voices to open the list of available voices.
5. Choose the voice you want to use for Google Assistant.
6. Save changes made.

– You don’t need to download any third-party apps.
– The iOS settings are easy to access.

– The available voice options are limited.
– You cannot adjust the pitch and speed of the voice like in Outloud.

Method 3: Change Ok Google Voice Through Google Assistant App

If you already have the Google Assistant app on your iPhone, changing the voice is an easy process.

1. Launch the Google Assistant app
2. Click the Compass icon in the bottom-right corner of the app.
3. Click on the profile picture at the top-right corner of the app.
4. Click on "Assistant Voice."
5. Choose your desired voice and tap OK.

– It is a quick process.

– It lets you select only a few voice options.
– You cannot adjust the pitch and speed of the voice.

What to Do If You Can’t Change Google Assistant Voice on iPhone

It could be frustrating if you can’t seem to change your Google Assistant’s voice. The following steps may help:

– Ensure your iPhone is connected to a stable and strong internet connection.
– Confirm that you have an updated version of the Google Assistant app on your iPhone. If not, update the app from the App Store.
– If you’re using the Outloud app, ensure you’ve granted the app all the required permissions.
– If you’re using Method 2, you might only change the Google Assistant’s voice if you’ve installed voices from iOS settings.

Bonus Tip

Adding a shortcut to Google Assistant can help you access it faster without any hassle. The steps below explain how to create a Siri shortcut for Google Assistant.

1. Launch the Shortcuts app on your iPhone.
2. Tap the "+" icon in the top right corner of the app’s homepage.
3. Tap on "Add Action" and search for "Open Google Assistant."
4. Tap on "Google Assistant" to add the action.
5. Tap on the horizontal ellipsis icon on the action you added.
6. Add a Siri Phrase; in this case, "Hey Siri, open Google Assistant."
7. Save the changes made.

5 FAQs

Q1. How Can I Reset the Voice of Google Assistant?

A1. Open the Google Assistant app on your iPhone, tap on the Compass icon bottom right corner, tap the three-dot menu and then tap on the "Settings" option. After that, tap "Assistant," then tap "Assistant Voice" and choose something other than the current setting.

Q2. Can I select any accent with these methods?

A2. No. The accent or language you want to use will depend on the available options. The Outloud app provides more options than the other methods.

Q3. Will my "Hey, Google" phrase change with the voice?

A3. No, your "Hey Google" phrase remains the same once you change the voice.

Q4. Can I use these methods to change the voice of other Personal Assistants?

A4. These methods only apply to Google Assistant. However, other assistants will have their specific methods of changing the voice.

Q5. Do I have to pay to use any of the methods mentioned?

A5. No, all methods are free.

Final Thoughts

Changing the voice of the Google Assistant on an iPhone is a straightforward process. However, as explained in the article, the available voice options depend on the method used, and the user’s preference should guide their choice. Follow the steps mentioned in the article to change the Assistant’s voice and achieve a fantastic personal assistant experience.