How to Block A Text Message on iPhone 10

Blocking a text message is a simple and quick way to prevent receiving messages from specific numbers. It can be helpful in preventing yourself from receiving unwanted messages, as well as blocking spam messages.

Video Tutorial:

Method 1: Block a number from your messages

1. Open the Messages app on your iPhone 10.
2. Find the message from the number you want to block.
3. Tap and hold the message until the options appear.
4. Tap ‘More.’
5. Select the circle next to the message(s) you want to block.
6. Tap the trash can icon in the lower-left corner of the screen.
7. Confirm by tapping ‘Block Contact.’

Method 2: Block a Phone number from your iPhone settings

1. Open your iPhone settings.
2. Select ‘Phone.’
3. Select ‘Blocked Contacts.’
4. Tap ‘Add New.’
5. Select the contact you want to block from your Contacts list.
6. Confirm by tapping ‘Block Contact.’

Method 3: Set up Do Not Disturb

1. Open your iPhone settings.
2. Select ‘Do Not Disturb.’
3. Turn on the toggle switch for ‘Manual’ or ‘Scheduled.’ If you choose ‘Manual,’ you can turn it off and on whenever you want to. If you choose ‘Scheduled,’ the feature will turn on automatically during specified times.
4. Add the contact you wish to block to the ‘Allow Calls From’ list.
5. Select ‘Everyone Else.’
6. Then turn on the toggle switch for ‘Silence.’
7. Select ‘Always’ or ‘While iPhone is locked’ depending on your preference.

Why can’t I block a contact?

There are some reasons why you may not be able to block a contact. Here are some common ones and how to fix them.

Q: The ‘Block Contact’ option is greyed out. What can I do?

A: If the ‘Block Contact’ option is greyed out, it’s possible that the contact is stored on a SIM card or another device. To fix this, go to Settings, Contacts, and check to see if any accounts or email addresses are syncing with your phone. Remove the account or email address, and then try to block the contact again.

Q: Why can’t I block someone who is not in my contacts list?

A: You may not be able to block someone you don’t have in your contacts list if they are using an app to text you, rather than messaging through the usual text message system. In this case, you can try blocking them directly through the app they are using, or you can contact your phone carrier for further assistance.

Q: How do I know if someone blocked me?

A: You may know if someone blocked you if your texts to that number never show ‘Delivered’ under the message, or if you never receive any messages from them. Additionally, if you try to call them, you will go straight to their voicemail.

Q: Can I still receive text messages from a blocked number?

A: No, you will not receive text messages or phone calls from a blocked number.

Q: Can I unblock a number after I block it?

A: Yes, you can always unblock a number. Simply go to your settings, select ‘Phone,’ ‘Blocked Contacts,’ find the number you want to unblock, and select ‘Unblock Contact.’


Blocking a number is an effective way to prevent unwanted texts or calls on your iPhone 10. However, it is important to note that some apps have their own internal blocking system, and it may not be a good idea to rely solely on your phone’s blocking feature. To further combat unwanted messages or calls, consider downloading a trusted third-party app that can provide additional blocking and filtering options.

Q: What is a third-party app?

A: A third-party app is a type of app that is developed by a company or individual other than the manufacturer of the phone. In the context of blocking unwanted messages, a third-party app could be an app that specializes in filtering out unwanted calls and texts beyond your phone’s built-in features.

Q: Are third-party apps reliable?

A: It depends on the app you choose. Read reviews, do your research, and choose an app from a developer with a good reputation.

Q: Do third-party apps cost money?

A: Some apps may require payment, while others may be free to download but include features that require a subscription or in-app purchase. It’s important to read the app’s details carefully and look for any hidden costs.

Q: Can I trust a third-party app with my personal information?

A: It’s important to choose a reputable app to protect your personal information. Research the app’s privacy policy before downloading it and consider what permissions it requires to function.